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Installing a home or work place security system can greatly improve the safety of your family, business, property and belongings. With over 15 years in the industry, Quantum Security understand the importance of securing and protecting what is yours.
Alarm systems are typically linked up to a monitoring centre, which notifies law enforcement or dedicated key holders of suspected intrusions or robberies. The monitoring centre then contacts you to let you know someone or something has triggered the alarm.

In the case where an alarm system is not linked to a monitoring centre, the primary factor of this alarm is to deterrent intrusions via a sounder. Alarm bells have a great advantage as they give you some expedient heads up, it also warns off the potential burglar, as the noise is enough for them to flee from the scene.

Police and insurance companies recognise that having an approved intruder alarm system installed and Maintained at your home or business is the best deterrent to a burglar.
A Monitored Intruder Alarm System may not be required by your insurers, as you may self-insure. However, an Intruder Alarm System can give a much wider sense of security, management and control than you may at first think. Alarms help to give you peace of mind knowing that assistance is hastily available if the worst should happen.
Quantum Security program and set-up custom built alarm specifications for your needs, this can involve many different sets including: Day, Night, Partial and even Pet.