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Access control is your best answer to knowing who is in your premises and when, enabling you to limit entry to those staff and visitors that are entitled to have access. An access system acts as a visible deterrent, whether it is fitted to a single entrance or widely applied to a site with multiple doors and different access zones, for example, a office with multiple floors and secure rooms.

Common Access control systems are security systems that control entry into or within buildings through controlling doors, revolving doors, turnstiles, gates and barriers. More and more organisations are now recognising the many benefits of replacing their old key based systems for controlling the access to their workplace with electronic access control systems.

Access control is constantly evolving, Quantum Security are now offering ACT365 which is a cloud based access control and integrated video management solution. Manage your security system from anywhere, at anytime and on any device. The benefits in lower running costs and ease of administration are well proven.

Limiting Access by networking your systems:

  • Anyone without a PIN, access card or rights is prevented from access to the building.
  • Avoids the problem of lost keys – you can simply delete and re-issue a card.
  • Quantum Security offer personalised Access Card printing, meaning you can include staff Images/Name or even your company logo. Then Program them into the system to log their ins and outs.
  • Can be programmed to automatically release upon fire alarm.
  • Protocols can be set to open certain doors during set periods.
  • Improve staff management with reports showing staff movement and time keeping.
  • Enables restricted access, safeguarding equipment and stock – e.g. IT staff to server room.